Bill Schuette Prosecutes
Flint Water Crisis Criminals
 Like Playing Pool
Now Has To Play MSU Table

Bill Schuette racked up 15 indictments concerning the Flint  Water Crisis just like racking up 15 balls at the start of a pool game. He has already put the cue ball in play and has sunk 4 balls by way of plea deals.  His strategy appears to be to get a good lie on the high numbered balls by way of plea deals on the lower ones.  A conviction in any manner should count as a ball being pocketed.  At this point in time (08/08/18) it appears that he has a good chance to run the table.

Bill Schuette's play will probably impact his run for governor, especially if he is unable to pocket some of the indicted.  Slow and inconclusive play still pending at the time of the election for governor may turn off the voters.  Some fans may use different scoring systems such as points based on pocketed balls and punishment.  Bonus points should definitely be awarded if Schuette puts some other high numbered balls in play with good results. 

This is an expensive endeavor for the taxpayer.  The state is paying millions (about 25 million dollars up to this date) for both the prosecution and defense of the indicted who are government employees.  Governor Synder has taken 5 million taxpayers dollars to pay attorneys to keep him off Schuette's pool table.  I hope the big fella with all his powers does not tip over the table to end the game.   

Michigan Justice wants accountability and justice concerning the who, what, and why of the Flint Water Crisis.  Stay tuned as the play progresses.

Now due to popular demand a reluctant Bill Schuette must put a MSU table in play.  So far Bill Schuette has picked a very able assistant to help gather evidence in order to rack up balls.  Recently one million dollars has been allocated to get the cue stick and balls ready for play.  The first ball was placed in the rack.  Turns out to be the former dean of the MSU D O school.  One of the charges was having on his MSU computer a porn video staring Larry Nassr doing therapeutic procedures. 

Can Schuette play two tables simultaneously?  Which table will be played out first.  On which table will he score better?  Will bets be taken?

I fully support Bill Schuette 100% in what he is doing and trust that he will make the right decisions.

Ted Golden, M.D.