Camp Lejeune Sign
Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Settlements Theodore A. Golden, M.D.

I was the Chief of Dermatology of the Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital from 1972-1974.  During the summer it was hot and humid. I drank plenty of tap water at the Naval Hospital, and at my home in the married officers housing to stayed hydrated.  I was first diagnosed and treated for bladder cancer in 2012-2013, with surgery and BCG treatments. I then had a lot of follow-up cystoscopies.  Bladder surgery was required in November, 2022, for a new bladder cancer. I was in tremendous pain for two weeks following the surgery, and a lot of hematuria for an additional week.  The docs will not give pain meds due to the opioid crisis. 

Unfortunately for me I had more bladder cancer and  surgery in June, 2023.  I am currently receiving BCG bladder infusions.  The tratments have caused recurrent bladder infections, which have bad symtoms and have delayed BCG infusions. 

In August, 2023, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. 

I worry a lot.  Bladder cancer and Parkinon's Disease are both on the list of diseases caused by drinking toxic Camp Lejeune water. 

My wife who lived with me at Camp Lejeune for two years died in 1982 from Hodgkin's Disease. 

I got involved in the Nassar scandal at MSU because no one was held accountable for the 30 years of toxic water at Camp Lejeune.

I first learned about the toxic water at Camp Lejeune when I received a questionnaire asking if my daughter who was born at Camp Lejeune had certain types of cancers.  Slowly over the years I received more information and questionnaires, but I was never able to enter information about my late wife.  Over many years I read legal news which indicated that the federal government was protected from law suits due to North Carolina statute of limitation laws.  I did not sue.   

In August, 2022, I read that federal legislation was passed that would allow individuals harmed by Camp Lejeune's toxic water to submit claims, and be paid by the federal government.  I am sure that many have seen the numerous ads by law firms that would like those harmed to be their clients. 

I am not an attorney.  This article does not try to offer legal advise.  I have always been interested in math, numbers, and statistics.  That is the reason that I have published this article.  I would like information concerning how the Camp Lejeune toxic water claims are being settled.  My goal is to disseminate the information on this web site in order to give individuals harmed by the toxic water some information to aid them as they move forward with their claims against the government.

The main question that I have concerning my future claim is what the settlement should be.  I have no experience in the area of personal injury.  Probably, those with the most experience are personal injury attorneys.  I plan to do research on the web concerning how much is being paid concerning Camp Lejeune toxic water settlements.  So far there is no information.  I hope that individuals will be willing to give me settlement information concerning their case.  I plan to publish the information on this web site. No individual names will be released.

I have made a questionnaire that can be obtained by clicking here.  Please, complete the form by downloading the PDF to your computer, completing it with an Adobe Reader type program, and sending it to me at as an email attachment.

Thank you.

Theodore A. Golden, M.D.

Note: When I was at Camp Lejeune the above sign stated: "Home to the World's Largest Amphibious Training Center"  I had no idea what it meant when I first drove onto the base.  As soon as we drove through the main gate at Camp Lejeune my late wife saw a marine and said to me, "What is wrong with that man's head?"