Change Needed

Unexpected Healthcare Disparity For Those Laid Off Due To Coronavirus

Most of the millions of individuals that lost their jobs due to the coronavirus had health insurance premiums paid for by their employer. The employer paid premiums were not counted as income and the employee did not incur any tax liability on the employer paid premiums. Unfortunately, many of these individuals will sooner or later have to self pay for health insurance premiums with after tax dollars.

These people are taking a financial hit due to a disparity that they probably never even considered, because they were in a group that did not suffer from the disparity of having to pay health insurance premiums with after tax dollars. Most likely they do not know why they will now face this financial discrimination.

I suggest that you contact those representing you, and ask them to give you the same healthcare tax breaks that members of the UAW enjoy.   


I feel that the politicians should start with making the tax burden on medical expenses the same for all Americans. Why should one group such as UAW members in the above example not be taxed on their medical expenses, and other groups who are probably not as well off economically suffering the burden of not getting similar medical expenses tax free? 


Those who are self paying their medical expenses with after tax dollars should be able to subtract their medical expenses from gross income before their income tax is calculated.


Please, join me in eliminating this great financial disparity in health care.


Thank you.


Theodore A. Golden, M.D.  tagolden43@hotmail.com