Looking At Webber's Senior Mailer Received 09/20/2018

2018 Candidate Michael Webber (R) is District 45's,
Rochester, Rochester Hills,
and Oakland Township's current Michigan House Rep

PHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Michael Webber testifies
on House Bill 5749 in the House Transportation Committee.
Official photo from:
Webber Mailer

Webber's Mailer to Seniors

Webber Mailer

Facts about these above three statements in the Mailer

1. The Republicans and Rep. Mike Webber are playing games with us when it comes to auto insurance reform.  Note that the bills that Webber cites in his Senior Mailer start with letters SB.  These are bills that passed the Michigan Senate.  Rep. Webber was a key player in blocking all auto insurance reform in the Michigan House of Representatives.  The Michigan Health & Hospital Association Health PAC's $10,850 political donation to Webber probably has a lot to do with Rep. Webber opposing auto insurance reform that would lower medical payments for auto accident related medical services.  See Webber's convoluted explanation.    

2. Webber talks about the roads being in bad shape.  The Republicans and Rep. Webber have been in control of Michigan since Synder became governor in 2011.  Webber has been in the Michigan House since 2015.  For years Webber and the Republicans did nothing to improve Michigan's roads.  Now, after serving two terms Webber finally says he gets it concerning bad roads.  It is time to take slow moving Webber off of Michigan's political highway.

3.  Webber is correct that HB 5422 did pass the Michigan House.  What he does not mention is that the Michigan Senate did not pass a senior tax credit.  Another game that the Republicans are playing with you.  Michigan State Senator Marty Knollenberg states that he voted for seniors to once again get the tax break on pension income that Synder and the Republicans took away.  The Republican controlled Michigan House did not approve of giving Michigan seniors a tax break on pension income.  Yes, it is election time and Webber and Knollenberg are playing with you to get your vote.  It is time to vote them out.   

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Ted Golden, M.D.