Second Amendment Rights 

For All Citizens

Gun Justice For All Means Regulation

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."


The first words of the Second Amendment are about a well regulated Militia. I interpret that to mean a disciplined, orderly, trained, and practiced force governed by meaningful rules and regulations concerning people who are given the right to bear arms for protection. The current application of the Second Amendment as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court is that most citizens have a right to bear most Arms in their homes, but the right to ownership is subject to regulation, and Arms are subject to regulation outside of the home. It is my Second Amendment rights to have the government regulate the sales of  all firearms concerning who is allowed to purchase the weapons and type.  It is my right to not allow citizens to possess automatic type weapons and large capacity magazines.  "Good Cause" concealed carry laws are regulations citizens can enact under our Second Amendment rights.  Those are my Second Amendment rights.

The NRA and others view gun owners bearing arms in public as a citizens Militia protecting the public. Michigan's current laws mandate that concealed gun owners should be proficient in using their weapons and know the laws governing gun ownership and practices for the sake of community safety and ease of mind. Concealed weapons are not allowed in schools and other gun free zones. It is about having a well regulated Militia.

In Michigan the current regulations prohibiting  concealed weapons in schools should continue.  Furthermore, the loophole allowing open carry of guns in schools should be closed. 


The Republicans have proposed in Congress that concealed weapons carriers in any state be given automatic courtesy privileges in all states so they will not be inconvenienced carrying their concealed weapons anywhere in the country.  Some states have no regulations concerning concealed carry.  Michigan does regulate concealed carry.  Conservatives generally favor states rights, but are willing to let guns take a higher priority.