Saving MSU Trustees Melanie Foster and Renee Jefferson

Note: Foster Was Not Nominated To Run In 2022.  She Did Nothing To Close The Nassar Scandal With Justice.

MSU Trustees Foster and Jefferson have indicated that they are running for re-election in 2022 for another eight year term as a MSU Trustee. Foster is one of the remaining legacy trustees who was serving when the Nassar scandal broke. At the time the Nassar scandal broke there were calls from many that all of the MSU trustees should resign, which did not happen. None of the legacy trustees has served another term. Legacy trustee Brian Mosallam ran for re-election in November, 2020, and lost in-spite of being endorsed by the survivors. 

Legacy trustee Melanie Foster's chance to win another term appear slim to none. Foster is good person. She is currently the longest serving MSU trustee. She has a lot of experience in business and finance. Besides being a legacy trustee  she has been very quiet concerning the Nassar scandal, and has been reported to oppose the release of the 6,000 documents covered by attorney-client privilege. Foster has not moved MSU towards closure and justice concerning the Nassar scandal. She should be viewed less favorably than Mosallam concerning the Nassar scandal.

Trustee Renee Knake Jefferson is not a legacy trustee. She was appointed by Governor Whitmer to replace Trustee Nancy Schlichting who resigned after the majority of the Trustees would not allow the 6,000 documents to be released.

I wrote an article Trust Renee No Way stating why I will not vote for Jefferson.

I feel that the only way for Foster or Jefferson to save their re-election campaign is to have Nassar enablers (ie.Kristine Moore or others) still working for MSU to be immediately fired. The 6,000 documents withheld due to attorney client privilege must be released to the public immediately.

Trustee Renee Jefferson a highly acclaimed expert on legal ethics should give her opinion of whether MSU attorneys Kristine Moore or Theresa Kelley violated Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct in 2014 when they worked together on a complaint against Nassar, and whether MSU should continue to employ them.

Perhaps, there is still time for Foster and Jefferson to save themselves and win another term, but they will have to act fast. The nominating conventions are rapidly approaching.

Theodore A. Golden, M.D.