Mike Bishop(R( and Elissa Slotkin(D) Healthcare
Candidates for U.S. Congress Michigan District Eight (8)
 Rochester Hills, Brighton, Lansing, Lake Orion, Oxford, Clarkston
  Mike Bishop and Elissa Slotkin


In Elissa Slotkin's first television ad for the general election she accused Congressman Mike Bishop of dereliction of duty concerning his actions on healthcare, a fireable offense according to Ms.Slotkin.  The first part of the ad explained how Ms. Slotkin's mother had breast cancer at an early age and had trouble getting health insurance on her own because of her pre-existing medical problem.  Unfortunately,  her mother did not have health insurance when she developed terminal ovarian cancer.  Ms. Slotkin's mother and family experienced financial hardship and emotional stress due to her lack of health insurance.  


Bishop's role and vote in Congress in 2017 to repeal and replace Obamacare with a Republican plan which passed the U.S. House, but not the U.S. Senate, motivated Slotkin to run for Congress against Bishop.  The Republican plan that Bishop voted for would have gutted the popular pre-existing condition protections that Obamacare provides, and replace them with less protection at a higher premium, which will price health insurance beyond the means for those who self pay for health insurance.  The same Republican healthcare plan that Bishop approved would have reduced taxes for the very wealthy.  Latter in 2017 Bishop did give the wealthy the best tax breaks in  the Republican Tax Reform legislation that he formulated. 


When the Tax Reform Act was being formulated Bishop indicated that he was in favor of reducing the great disparity that many who self pay for their health insurance with after tax dollars face.  Tax reform actually raised the bar higher before any type of medical expenses can be deducted prior to calculating income taxes.     


I had hoped that Ms. Slotkin would be very upset that those who self pay for health insurance with after tax dollars are paying thousands of dollars more in income tax than those with employer provided tax free health insurance.  She should advocate for the self pay who pay with after tax dollars to be able to fully subtract their health insurance premium from gross income before calculating their income tax.


Healthcare policy is a huge complicated endevour. 


The self pay should take a more active role.


I favor a national single payor healthcare system.  Elissa Slotkin has taken a small step in that direction by advocating for individuals to have the option to buy into Medicare at any ageBishop takes us a giant step backwards.  You decide on Nov. 6, 2018. 


Ted Golden, M.D.