Congressman Mike Bishop

Tax Reform

Justice is lacking when the big picture for tax reform is displayed.  The average tax payer will see some tax relief that Republican Congressman Bishop and other Republicans will take credit.  The Republicans say, "Be happy because your tax bill is lower." 

However, in the bigger picture the not so average very wealthy tax payer will see a greater and more permanent reduction in taxes.  Where is the justice in the Republican tax reform?  The stale Republican answer is the trickle down effect from the very wealthy paying less taxes will greatly benefit the masses by creating more high paying jobs.  The evidence concerning the validity of this economic theory has been lacking for the past 30 years.  What about trying a trickle up effect?

It is projected that in the long run the average taxpayer will end up paying more taxes.  Government services will be reduced and the federal government will take on a lot more debt.  There will be no justice for the average tax payer. 

This tax reform law should be a defining issue for the average tax payer in the November, 2018 election.  Michigan Justice recommends justice through the ballot.  Vote Congressman Mike Bishop out of office.