Speech to MSU Board of Trustees

Dec. 13, 2019

Chairwoman Byrum, Trustees, President Stanley, and Spartans:

My name is Dr. Theodore A. Golden

Before I start I would like everyone to take out their cell phone, in case I do not have time to finish my talk you can read it on my web site. Google: tagolden, again Google: tagolden. You will note that I have been interested in health care.

Doctor Stanley:

Before you were hired I tried to make your job easier. I emailed one of your predecessors and the trustees. I stated that the next president should have a clean slate concerning those MSU employees who are part of the Nassar scandal. He wrote to me and stated that he was aware that I filed a complaint against MSU attorney Kristine Moore with the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission. He wrote we should wait until they make a ruling before acting on my recommendation that she should be terminated from MSU. The Attorney Grievance Commission ruled in March, 2019, that Moore violated the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 8.4, conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice.

Attorney Kristine Moore acted in a very unethical manner in all phases of her investigation of a complaint against Larry Nassar in 2014. She exonerated Nassar. The Commission stated that the conclusion of her report was invalid.

Shortly after submitting her report Attorney Moore was promoted to The Office of the General Counsel and made the Clery Act Coordinator for MSU. I may add that she was cited for violating the Clery Act in 2014.

President Stanley:

I would like you to ask for Kristine Moore's resignation, to publicly state that Attorney Moore's report is invalid, and to publicly apologize to Amanda Thomashow for the abuse she suffered from MSU employees after she filed a complaint against Larry Nassar.

Thank you.

P.S. For more detailed information Google: tagolden.

Again, Thank you

My main endeavor in health care is trying to eliminate what I call the greatest disparity in heath care, which is the fact that employer paid health insurance premiums are tax free and self paid health insurance premiums are paid with after tax dollars. Due to the high cost of health insurance this is a huge disparity. Many part time employees at MSU may face this tax burden because they have to self pay for their health insurance. Many on Medicare are faced with the same discriminatory tax.

You will note that I am a Dermatologist. I wrote a scholarly article about a contagious disease at MSU that Dermatologists treat.

Michigan should have tobacco 21 laws and prohibit people under the age of 18 years from using commercial tanning booths.  Many other states have these laws.


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April 26, 2019 by Theodore A. Golden, M.D.


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Theodore A. Golden, M.D.