Address To MSU Board of Trustees April 21, 2023


Trustees, Spartans, and Michiganders.


After my comments to you in September last year, bladder cancer struck me again, and surgery was required. I was the Chief of Dermatology at Camp Lejeune from 1972 to 1974. No one was held accountable for a thirty year period of time when about one million individuals at Camp Lejeune drank and bathed with toxic water that caused my bladder cancer and other cancers.


I got involved in the Nassar scandal because of a lack of accountability.


Last summer with hindsight legislation was passed that would allow individuals like myself to file a claim against the Navy. For some the wait for partial justice took over sixty years.


President Woodruff, it appears that you had a role in causing Sanjay Gupta to resign his position as a dean because of a recent Title IX infraction. Some feel that the infraction was minor, and no harm was done because what Dean Gupta failed to report had already been reported.


In 2014 unethical MSU attorney Kristine Moore caused serious harm by exonerating Larry Nassar. Moore’s conduct concerning her investigation and report of Nassar violated the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct many times. Moore acted with guidance from the MSU Office of the General Counsel. Her actions allowed Nassar to sexually assault many women for an additional 26 months. The FBI would not have been part of the Nassar scandal in 2015 if Moore acted properly. Shortly after Moore exonerated Nassar she was promoted and still works for MSU. At least the FBI finally stated that what their agents did was wrong and fired them.


President Woodruff and Trustees, I ask that you in hindsight condemn what Moore did and terminate her employment at MSU just like the FBI did with their errant agents. The 6,000 documents that Michigan’s Attorney General requested should be released to her and the public. That would help MSU move forward.


Speech Sept. 9, 2022, To MSU Trustees


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Trustee Jefferson, I feel that you are a superstar in legal ethics. I read part of your excellent book Legal Ethics for the Real World. You have spoken out about legal ethical issues. Your resume is very impressive.

I will not vote for you in the November election.

On December 18, 2020, you read a prepared speech at a MSU Board of Trustees’ meeting. It was a Colin Powell like moment. As most of you recall the late Colin Powell was a superstar in his field, and the Sec. of State in 2003. In Feb., 2003, he gave a very powerful speech before the United Nations stating that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. This was not true. Colin Powell is remembered for the act he most regretted.  


On Dec. 18, 2020, you stated concerning Nassar, “The best resources for understanding who knew what and when, and what steps were taken in response are the following documents, all publicly available... The September 1, 2020 Memorandum to the U. S. Office for Civil Rights regarding Lawrence Nassar Employee Action Review.” 


On Oct. 30, 2020, two months before your speech, I stated at a MSU Board of Trustees meeting that the MSU Memorandum contained misrepresentations on page 38 concerning unethical MSU attorney Kristine Moore. Page 38 stated that Moore in 2014 adequately responded investigating a complaint against Nassar. The truth is Moore was admonished for numerous ethical lapses in 2014 by the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission.


Trustee Jefferson, do you regret your Colin Powell like moment?  


Trustee Jefferson, will you criticize and fire Moore like the FBI criticized and fired their agents involved with complaints against Nassar in 2015?

Had Moore acted properly in 2014 the FBI would not have been involved in 2015.

I find it ironic that candidate Jefferson’s web site is

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Theodore A. Golden, M.D.



Sept. 10, 2021, Comments to MSU Trustees

Video of I had to come back speech

I had to come back.

I know.

Protecting Nassar enablers ain’t much of a governing, Trustees.

You know this isn’t necessary, you can just do what’s right.

Be loyal to Nassar’s victims and the people of Michigan.

My web site states that I am a dermatologist. I wrote about a disease on this campus that I called Spartan’ s Disease. Doctor Stanley, are you familiar with this infectious disease? Institutional syphilis?

During the summer of 2020 I was pleased that the students and faculty of Cal Poly initiated treatment to prevent Spartan’s Disease from infecting their campus. The students and faculty at MSU should follow their peers at Cal Poly.

Proper treatment of Spartan’s Disease will deliver justice. Treatment includes removing unethical Kristine Moore from MSU employment. Withheld documents must be released for citizens to learn the role of disgraced former President Simon and former chief counsel Robert Noto in the scandal.

I previously reported that MSU submitted a dishonest report concerning MSU attorney Kristine Moore to the U.S. Office of Civil Rights on Sept. 1, 2020, (page 38) which OCR has apparently accepted. I emailed OCR requesting that the report be rejected. Did Spartan’s Disease infect OCR?  Please, ask Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin to intervene for justice.

Justice, justice has to be delivered by you the governing board in order for there to be closure to the Nassar scandal. Justice, justice has to be delivered for you the trustees to be trusted in the future. Justice, justice has to be delivered for the toxic culture that resulted in the Nassar scandal to truly change for the better.

Excellent corpsmen helped this navy dermatologist successfully treat a lot of syphilis.

I had to come back to ask MSU students, faculty, Nassar victims, Congresswoman Slotkin, and Michiganders to be my new corpsmen and corpswomen in treating Spartan’s disease.

I had to come back for justice.

I know.

Theodore A. Golden, M.D. 

Opinion Letter Published In The State News - Time to Fire Kristine Moore 

Email to Trustees, President Stanley, and Brian Quinn

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Did you ever have an I had to come back experience?


Comments To MSU Trustees Oct. 30, 2020

Trustees, President Stanley, Spartans.  This talk is posted in more detail on my web site

On May 15, 2020, I addressed you and stated that the Office of Civil Rights required MSU to summit a report to OCR by August 1, 2020, stating the actions of MSU employees in the Nassar scandal.  The report was posted on the MSU web site dated Sept. 1, 2020. I assume the report is authentic, although it was unsigned. 

Unfortunately, the report does not bring closure to the Nassar scandal because of misrepresentations.

I call your attention to page 38 of the report, which states that MSU attorney Kristine Moore did nothing wrong investigating a 2014 complaint against Nassar.  The true facts are that Kristine Moore did not follow Title IX or Clery Act statutes.  Special investigator William Forsyth cited Kristine Moore's improper investigation in his report dated Dec. 21, 2018.  An opinion letter published in The State News April 26, 2019, by Theodore A. Golden, M.D. presented numerous reasons why Kristine Moore should be fired.

The Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission cited these facts and other charges against attorney Moore and concluded she violated Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct. 

The MSU report to OCR exonerates Kristine Moore just like Kristine Moore exonerated Nassar in 2014. 

I informed the Trustees and top administrators why Moore should be fired. 

Dr. Stanley, who prepared the report and who signed off on the report?  Do you approve of the report?

Trustees, especially Trustee Mosallam since you are running for re-election, do you approve of the report? 

At the last trustees' meeting on Sept. 11, 2020, you erased Stephen Nisbit from the campus.  Why do you refuse to fire MSU attorney Kristine Moore whose worse documented unethical behavior enabled Nassar to sexual assualt numerous patients for two additional years? 


Comments To MSU Trustees May 15, 2020

Trustees, President Stanley, and Spartans. This speech is posted in more detail on my web site

Professor Woodruff, I would like to extend a hardy welcome to you as the new provost. I wish you much success. Professor Woodruff, I emailed the interim presidents and told them that the new president should start with a clean slate concerning the Nassar enablers. They did not take my advise. I hope during these difficult times that you do not get entwined in the scandal.

Professor Woodruff, before your starting date of August 1st, 2020, requirements have been imposed on MSU by the U.S. Department of Education that hopefully will bring a lot of closure if this time MSU acts in an honorable manner.

It is my opinion that unethical Kristine Moore should no longer work for MSU. Paulette Russell was at the epicenter of the scandal in 2014 as the Title IX supervisor. Theresa Kelley monitored unethical Kristine Moore in 2014 concerning Moore’s investigation and report of a complaint against Nassar. In my opinion these two individuals should be asked to resign. The U.S. Dept. of Education requires that MSU report on and sanction others involved in the scandal by the August 1st deadline.

There are two gentlemen on the MSU Board who must run for re-election in November if they want to serve in 2021. These gentlemen should not be nominated by the Democratic party to run again.

Michiganders, come November do not put waffling flakes on the MSU Board. Enable the sickly and disgraced 2014 Sparty to proudly climb and stand tall on a 2020 pedistal of justice. 

Members of the press, it is your duty to ask the leaders of MSU and candidates for the Board difficult questions in order to restore Sparty to excellent health

These are the times that try educators' souls and stress the foundation of public higher education. I have full confidence in President Stanley.

Theodore A. Golden,M.D.

Coronavirus Exposes Laid Off Workers to Unexpected Healthcare Disparity

UAW Healthcare Taxes For All 


Speech to MSU Board of Trustees

Dec. 13, 2019

Chairwoman Byrum, Trustees, President Stanley, and Spartans:

My name is Dr. Theodore A. Golden

Before I start I would like everyone to take out their cell phone, in case I do not have time to finish my talk you can read it on my web site. Google: tagolden, again Google: tagolden. You will note that I have been interested in health care.

Doctor Stanley:

Before you were hired I tried to make your job easier. I emailed one of your predecessors and the trustees. I stated that the next president should have a clean slate concerning those MSU employees who are part of the Nassar scandal. He wrote to me and stated that he was aware that I filed a complaint against MSU attorney Kristine Moore with the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission. He wrote we should wait until they make a ruling before acting on my recommendation that she should be terminated from MSU. The Attorney Grievance Commission ruled in March, 2019, that Moore violated the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 8.4, conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice.

Attorney Kristine Moore acted in a very unethical manner in all phases of her investigation of a complaint against Larry Nassar in 2014. She exonerated Nassar. The Commission stated that the conclusion of her report was invalid.

Shortly after submitting her report Attorney Moore was promoted to The Office of the General Counsel and made the Clery Act Coordinator for MSU. I may add that she was cited for violating the Clery Act in 2014.

President Stanley:

I would like you to ask for Kristine Moore's resignation, to publicly state that Attorney Moore's report is invalid, and to publicly apologize to Amanda Thomashow for the abuse she suffered from MSU employees after she filed a complaint against Larry Nassar.

Thank you.

P.S. For more detailed information Google: tagolden.

Again, Thank you

My main endeavor in health care is trying to eliminate what I call the greatest disparity in heath care, which is the fact that employer paid health insurance premiums are tax free and self paid health insurance premiums are paid with after tax dollars. Due to the high cost of health insurance this is a huge disparity. Many part time employees at MSU may face this tax burden because they have to self pay for their health insurance. Many on Medicare are faced with the same discriminatory tax.

You will note that I am a Dermatologist. I wrote a scholarly article about a contagious disease at MSU that Dermatologists treat.

Michigan should have tobacco 21 laws and prohibit people under the age of 18 years from using commercial tanning booths.  Many other states have these laws.


Ethical Practices

Spartans Win

Opinion letter published in The State News

April 26, 2019 by Theodore A. Golden, M.D.


About Kristine Moore's Admonishment.

by Theodore A. Golden, M.D.

Theodore A. Golden, M.D.